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There are multiple ways to reach our wedding destination in Bale. Unfortunately, there is no straight train connection, but it is possible to reach Bale by car, bus or plane.

- CAR -

If you wish to travel with your own car and have extra seats, or you search someone to drive with, check out our forum.


Edelweiss offers a direct connection between Zürich and Pula. Usually, the flight was scheduled each evening, but because of pandemic, this frequency has been reduced at the moment. We recommend you to check again in spring, if the flights will be offered daily.

Those who travel from more far away, airport in Trieste or in Zagreb would be the best choice.

- BUS - 

From Zürich / Luzern to Pula, Flixbus and Getbybus offer daily night connection. Due to pandemic, this frequency may be reduced at the moment, but please check again in spring the actual availability. 

If there will be enough interests in sharing a bus that would leave from Zürich / Luzern on Thursday evening and come back on Sunday night, please visit forum.


From airport to Bale, and from event to event, you could use Taxi or even better Uber. 


Bale is a small nice stone village in "Toscana style" situated 15 min away from the seaside. If you wish to stay in Bale, there are plenty of rental houses that you can find on Airbnb or Booking. As most villas are bigger with several rooms and a pool, visit our forum to share a place with someone.

Unfortunately, our Villa Lav, where wedding will be, offers only 8 double rooms that are already reserved. Nevertheless, all accommodations in village Bale are easy walking distance from the Villa Lav.

If you wish to stay at the seaside, we recommend you to book the accommodation in Rovinj or in Pula. Next to the rental houses, that region offers more hotels and camping places, if you prefer to wake up next to the sea. 

Do not worry, if you do not travel with your own car, it is very convenient to use taxi or Uber. 

Baby / Kids

Yes, as the 5-month old Lia will be here with us, we thought about your babies and kids as well.

For those kids that can already walk & talk, there will be a corner with a trampoline and some toys, where they can paint and do some handcrafts. Feel free to bring you own toys as well and place them there, as the garden is pretty big.

For the little babies, we cannot offer something that cool. But if your baby needs some peaceful place to sleep, there are two pretty big rooms in the wedding location where your baby can sleep in the stroller, or even better, we can always offer some of the rooms in Villa upstairs, that will be more quiet.

For those who wanna book a nanny for Saturday during our wedding, this is possible as well. Just let us know and we will provide you some contacts of the nannies around.

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